It has occurred to me that, after nearly 10 years of my books being out in the world, that I need somewhere to highlight corrections and amendments to some of my older material. Things change fast and I have become aware of a few routes that now have obstructions on them that make them hard to follow, particularly in The West Yorkshire Woods: Part I, where previously accessible but informal paths have been blocked off with no course legal recompense. All reprints of my books are continually updated but I appreciate that this is not enough to make you go out and buy a new copy, so from now on I will collate all significant route changes here to hopefully avoid as many people coming unawares upon a series of barbed wire fences.

West Yorkshire Moors (1st Edition)

Route 25: Withins Height, Crow Hill and Ponden Kirk from Ponden
This route is still perfectly accessible but has become much harder going with the virtual disappearance of the faint path up the side of Walshaw Dean, so much so that I removed it from the second edition. Just be aware you are in for some rough heather, bracken and tussock bashing.

West Yorkshire Woods: Part 1 (1st Edition)

Route 3: Beacon Hill, Shibden Park, Sunny Vale and Chelsea Valley from Halifax
The now-private path along the top of Sutcliffe Wood from point 6 has been legally blocked by barbed wire at the bottom end and it is necessary to follow the path left beyond the factory to reach the A644. Follow the road right for 400m, then turn right on an unsigned path beyond the Brighouse Juniors sports field. Keep right on the lane to rejoin the route by the aerial flight support, the whole diversion being less than half a mile.

Route 4: Elland Park, Cromwell and Strangstry Woods from Elland or Brighouse
Soon after point 3, the faint path along the top of Binns Wood has been blocked off. Instead you can follow Binns Top Lane all the down the hill. Double back left at the bottom to eventually join a vehicle track past Near Binns, then bear left shortly before the road and follow a path along the bottom of private Binns Wood. This climbs steadily at the far end to reach Boggart House, back on the route described in the book.

Route 5: North Dean Wood, Wainhouse Tower and Wood House Scar from West Vale or Copley
The canal bridge at point 7 has now reopened but, at point 8, the path through the churchyard of St Stephen’s Church has been blocked off at the far end, so you need to go left through a gap just beyond the churchyard and keep left around it to rejoin the riverside.

Route 7: Blackburn Valley from Barkisland
After point 3 the path on the south side of the Black Brook beyond Gate Head has been blocked off, meaning you now need to stay on the left bank of the stream throughout.

Also, between points 4 and 5 the path beyond the golf course is now legally blocked by barbed wire. Turn right here to descend out of the wood and reach the back of Gate Head Mill. Follow the track left (with a brief signed detour into the trees) to head back up the hill to rejoin the route past Stubbing.