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The West Yorkshire Woods: Part 1 is an original cartographic guide to the Calder Valley’s woodlands. The book covers the rich variety of landscapes that lie between Norwood Green and Walsden, including Cragg Vale, Shibden Dale, Hardcastle Crags, and the Ryburn, Luddenden and Blackburn Valleys. From ancient oak woodlands and Victorian beech plantations to the recent rewilding of former industrial sites, the book traces the history of these woods and gives advice for exploring them today. There are extensive notes and sketches on wildlife, fungi, etymology and local history.

Over twenty suggested routes are included, offering new ways through old country, each with a focus on the woods and other landscapes defined by trees.

208 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-9954502-0-2


“Excellent follow up to the West Yorkshire Pennines, Chris is the Alfred Wainwright of Yorkshire, not only excellent walks and maps, but excellent back stories and history.”
(Peter Boyle)

“This is a brilliant follow up to the previous The West Yorkshire Moors walks book which has been so well received locally by walkers wanting in depth knowledge. This will be a lovely armchair book to read at home, followed by exploration of familiar and new woodlands which are so fascinating and characterful across this great walking area. Well done Chris, this is another instant classic tome that will be appreciated by local walkers and nature lovers alike, and make us feel part of the privileged cognoscente.”

“After enjoying Christopher’s previous book ‘The West Yorkshire Moors’ I was really looking forward to this book and it doesn’t disappoint if you are a fan of walking and the outdoors in general. So far myself and my fiancé have done 3 of the routes. The first in the woods around Shelf near Bradford – somewhere very urban but the walk takes in some beautiful areas and opens your eyes as to the routes available just on your doorstep if you live in Bradford or as we do, Leeds. The second walk was from Halifax up the Hebble valley to Mixenden – an area with its social problems but again the route uncovers some hidden gems and great views around Mount Tabor that would be seldom visited without it. The third route we have completed is around Elland and Brighouse, again a very urban area but the woods are vast and really interesting to explore – we undertook the walk in rain but the beauty of woodland is we barely got wet! Looking forward to the next instalment!”
(Andrew Lawson)

“Just wanted to say again what a revelation your publications have proved. The previously undiscovered paths and tracks have been an unending source of bliss to me, quite apart from your maps as undeniable works of art. Even areas I thought I knew well brought surprises—Toad Lane over Byron Edge which I’d never set foot on before, lovely Kitling Clough up Luddenden Dean and wandering over the low-level clump of Hardcastle Crags proper when I’d always imagined the name referred to the valley side outcrops. Thanks for helping me discover the beauty, the nooks, the crannies, the stoops, the clam bridges, the feint paths and the spacious hills of Yorkshire.”
(Peter Fitton)