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The West Yorkshire Moors is an original cartographic guide to all of West Yorkshire’s open access moorland, large parts of which were not until recently accessible to the walkers, fell-runners and antiquarians who wanted to explore them.

The book traces each of the paths and discovers the hidden features of these heights, unearthing the lost names and historical sites of even the most seemingly empty scene. In addition there are extensive notes and sketches on the area’s wildlife, etymology and historical background.

Suggested routes are provided, often far from the beaten track; each offers a new approach to these moors.

224 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-906600-99-0


“Fans of Wainwright’s idiosyncratic little books are sure to be intrigued by this much weightier tome. There is no limit to the author’s curiosity in everything he encounters, and this makes the book so much more than simply a ‘walkers’ guide’. You don’t even need to be a great outdoors enthusiast to thoroughly enjoy a read which takes the armchair explorer on a journey of discovery in the company of a dedicated expert.”
(Issy Shannon, Valley Life)

“The West Yorkshire Moors would be our book of the year even if it wasn’t a bestseller with our customers. A genuine labour of love, the book contains over 150 pages of exquisite hand-drawn guides to the Pennine moors, from Holmfirth to Ilkley. A screen could never do justice to it; this is a book that has to be held in the hand to be appreciated. Anyone with the slightest interest in walking and exploring the tops wants it as soon as they see a copy.”
(Bookcase, The Guardian)

“The West Yorkshire Moors describes the area on my doorstep, but I still learnt lots about the sites I’ve passed many times or wondered about the provenance of their names. It’s the mark of a good guidebook that even those familiar with the area will find information and suggestions that spark their renewed interest in taking another walk and this publication accomplishes that.”
(Bob Smith,

“I was amazed and delighted when I found (this) exceptional book. I have been looking for a book like this for years to the point where I too was going to write my own! It’s a fantastic work that I would highly recommend to anyone.”
(Martin Swithenbank)